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                       WELLCOME TO THE CLUB!

Customise your online space the way you want, including a short description of who you are. 

We can't wait to get to know you better!

We’ve got big plans for the UP + COMING Space as a new networking club for creative people in the music industry. Inside our supportive community, you'll elevate your music career and develop your brand and identity, with the support of our team of experts, who come from different areas of the music industry, with decades of experience and connections in songwriting, production, marketing, legal advice etc. We want to  hear your stories, challenges and music... and support your passion and dreams.

                                                                    SEE YOU SOON!



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UP + COMING Space is a networking club for creative people in the music industry, helping brilliant undiscovered artists get heard and seen. We encourage collaborative music making by producers, songwriters and artists and are here to support emerging talent. It’s an an ideal platform for creative people to showcase their talents and share ideas in this friendly environment, where you can dream big.


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