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Music Industry - interviews in Shoreditch

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

With expert commentary by those who know the biz from the inside.

Nathan Smoker

Nathan Smoker was a popular contestant and respected semi-finalist on The Voice. He told us that he had a positive experience on the show and felt himself improving, in the company of the mentors and so many talented artists.

In the airy setting of our Shoreditch location, artists are free to express their feelings.

Nathan Smoker told us that his biggest struggle now is to keep his content at the highest possible level, without the support of a major label and the budget that comes with it. A problem that he feels a lot of artists are struggling with at the moment.

Rachel White

The issue of funding was echoed by independent pop artist, Rachel White. She is finding that even with the support of family, and lots of favours from talented friends in the industry, producing new tracks and videos to a high standard, and then promoting her content as widely as possible, is proving to be an expensive process.

Tat Supreme

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Tat Supreme (right) moved to the UK in 2003 aged 17. He has a passion for music as a rapper/producer/songwriter and has always had a strong vocabulary. As a visual artist, Tat is especially interested in renaissance artists such as Michelangelo, as well as Damien Hirst, Picasso, Andy Warhol etc. Until in his words, he can become fully 'financially independent and autonomous' via his music, Tat Supreme can also satisfy his creativity with the expression of his digital art in the age of technology.

Rob Saunders

Rob Saunders of Deuce Music has had over 10 years experience promoting bands and artists from around the world and providing them with radio exposure, reviews, gigs, social media coverage, and plenty more opportunities designed to help increase their profile further through his low cost but high quality services. He has helped over 1000 acts gain radio play on his own Deuce Show, US TV show interviews, even national play and chart success for a number of acts. He sees the main problem for artists currently is very simple: 'money'. Low streaming rates are good for Spotify, and the major labels take their cut, but realistically, performing live is the only way for most artists to survive, but the live sector has been seriously hit by the pandemic over the last few years.


Shay UFO is an unconventional modern day R&B hip-hop singer/songwriter based in London. She realised that not only did music give her the power to be creative, but in her words, to "connect with earthlings on another level." Her special dream is to be able to help people suffering with mental health issues via her music.

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