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Music Industry Experts

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Up + Coming gathered a wealth of real music industry expertise under one roof to discuss the current music scene, at the Karma Sanctum Hotel in the heart of London's Soho.

We heard wise words from veteran producer and music exec Charlie Rapino, who stated that the social context and importance of music has been transformed in recent years.

Singer Nicole Russo shared her experiences fronting the Brand New Heavies and as a solo performer, to illuminate the artist's perspective. Debate was lively and informed.

Former X-Factor agent Matt Wynter, who successfully reforms and tours famous legacy acts, said the complexity of the current music scene had become 'baffling'.

PRS Director and Songwriter Simon Darlow ('Slave To The Rhythm') explained the painful road the music business has had to tread, from piracy to streaming.

British Academy Songwriter and activist Megg Nichol spoke up for composers and lyricists, whose contribution has been greatly devalued by recent changes in the music industry.

Producer and DJ Wade Teo said however tough the challenges, artists had to believe in themselves and find the internal resources to keep going.

Rob Saunders, passionate promoter of independent artists via his Deuce music network, stressed how fast distribution platforms are changing and the global impact of TikTok.

Live agent Luke Joynes of Coalition explained how emerging acts are cleverly using streaming platforms to promote themselves and boost their income with merch sales.

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