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RAK-SU - and then there were three?

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

All four members of X-Factor winning RAK-SU; Myles, Mustafa, Jamaal and Ashley. In 2017, they won the fourteenth series of the show, becoming the first male group to do so, and the first act to sing and release their own songs, rather than covers or outside songs.

With Mustafa currently taking a break from the band, we spoke at length to Myles, Jamaal and Ashley about their RAK-SU experiences (it's been quite a ride!) and plans for the future.

The three friends from Watford still have a strong bond and respect for each other.

Keeping their feet on the ground and maintaining close family ties remain key priorities.

These days RAK-SU, like so many other artists, make and release their own music.

Instrument programming and hard drive recording are at the heart of the process.

But finally, it's the vocals and harmonies that count most for fans of RAK-SU.

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