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Branwell Black - comeback gig in Camden

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Camden Rocks presents Branwell Black at the The Black Heart in Greenland Place.

Branwell, plus full band and dancers, headlined with his special style of musical magic.

Even before he takes to the stage, Branwell radiates the spirit of diversity. We had a chat with him and his drummer Alex between sound check and show, on all things pride.

CDs for sale outside the gig promoting Branwell's hooky-as-hell release, 'Love Life'.

It was a night to let emotions run free.

Branwell Black's music attracts a wide ranging genre following, from dance to art rock.

Fans poured into Camden to support Branwell's return to live, after the Covid lockdown.

Mr Black laying down the law, while drummer Alex lays down the beats.

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