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Branwell Black: Friends, Studies, Practice!

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Branwell Black is an exceptional artist, combining soulful pop with androgynous style. Now London based, he was raised in France by British and Welsh parents. In between signing copies of his CDs, we asked him to bring us up to date about his life and work,...

'I have some gigs coming up and maybe some more opportunities for TV I've been asked to audition for. I’m also recording lots of music. so some releases coming soon too. My dream is to be a successful live artist, able to tour and perform at big festivals. Love performing!'

'I've been struggling to progress digitally as I don’t have very much help for marketing and promoting - I would love to have help from people who have those contacts and know how to push artists across social media and streaming platforms. I have a degree in music recording from London College Of Music, and I am now in my final term at Tileyard doing Commercial Music Producing - I am also a producer and felt it more educational to study that rather than performance.'

'My ‘team’ is basically me being the organiser, and I work with my drummer who is also my manager to look for opportunities. I also have a guitarist called Harvey who adds a lot to my live shows as well as my two dancers Pamela and Marianne who are a huge support system for me and also help me choose organise the set-lists. Otherwise, my biggest supporters have always been my parents and I wouldn’t say I have any setbacks aside from sometimes the struggles of promoters that can be quite stressful occasionally.'

My influences come from Evanescence, Kate Bush, Nickelback and Tokio Hotel to name a few - I have also listened to an eclectic mix of music and have has many musical mentors throughout my youth while I was in a conservatoire while growing up in France.

I like going to the gym and keeping fit, socialising is a big part of my life and I also work with other artists to record for them. I have rehearsals with the band, dancing sessions or it’s going out with friends, shopping etc.

I am currently looking for some short-term work. I have previously worked in coffee shops and have experience with hospitality.

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