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Our Christmas Catch Up

Up + Coming presenter Lizzie Romain put on the sparkle and welcomed all the guests :)

It was fun catching up with artists we first spoke with at the Buddha Bar, like rock firebrand Izzy T, plus some exciting new faces, and listening to their hopes for the coming year.

It's undoubtedly been a tough time for many artists of late.

Mulled wine and snacks brought upbeat festive vibes to the party!

In a timeless ski lodge setting at Neverland in London, artists were able to freely express their career dreams, concerns about the music industry and the need for 'side hustles'.

The event proved once again that chilling and taking a break from typical frustrations, delays and setbacks is what the winter holiday season is all about...

Artists were able to share their tracks and social media strategies in a warm and supportive setting. A good time was had by all at the Up + Coming Christmas Catch Up!

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