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DFLEXXX - The Welsh Drake?

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Welsh rapper Darnell Williams performs as Dflexxx. He comes from an interesting mixed family and calls himself a ‘cocktail of races’.

We asked Dflexxx to tell us about his professional and everyday life, and his career dreams… “My future goal is to be a big selling artist globally, I’d like to compare myself to the elite, such as Chris Brown and Tyga, and become the Welsh Drake!"

"The next few months I’m going to be working on an album which labels will hopefully take on, I’m recording my last self-funded video for my latest release. After that I’m going to plug myself through radio and get more plays than I already do, and hopefully go through that route. I want to be a record breaker, So I’m aiming to be the best selling artist in the world (first one from Wales). I’ve been struggling with the right contacts and minimum budget. I’ve wasted so much time with the wrong contacts and been ripped off with so many different companies but now meeting the right people could change my career a lot faster than doing it myself. I studied Pop music in college for 3 years and did a year in Uni, studying commercial songwriting. I have a management team, and am currently working with a couple of platinum selling Producers."

"My biggest supporter is definitely my mum; she’s always seen me as a star from a young age. She comes to every show big or small. and motivates me to keep going. I don't have many setbacks, I have wasted my time getting onto TV shows that I’ve been scouted for, but nothing comes of it. Doing that has delayed my writing and releasing, cause when I'm focusing on something I’m all in. Since Covid hit, I’ve been doing online gigs but it isn't the same, I recently did a socially distanced show on Barry Island. It was great to be back. I’ve been booked for a couple of shows for when the Covid rules have been scrapped."

"I have many inspirations for different reasons, people like Drake, Aithc, Chris Brown, Stormzy and Tyga. I look up to how Bruno Mars performs, same as MJ, but I like to be mentored by my auntie. She's a director of a dance company where I help out, and I like to hear her input cause she started from nothing and now runs a successful business."

"I’m a Producer in my aunt's company and a dance teacher. We work to give the community a chance in the arts industry, we teach and develop them ready for all kinds of jobs. My role right now is to focus more on the events we will be putting on. I try to spend as much time as I can writing and recording, but I do like walking near nice houses to dream about which one I want to buy! "

"Me and my partner like to go for all kind of walks. Whether it’s with her dog or not, she likes to get her steps in! I like to stay in shape too. Me and my friends like to play basketball, we usually do that, or have a recording sesh..."

"When the gym’s open again, I think that would be my hobby everyday :) ”

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