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FLO-Rising stars

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

BRIT AWARDS 2023 winners FLO are a vibrant UK girl group from London.

Their debut single Cardboard Box performed well on social media and together with a music video, lead them into a promising new adventure in the music industry. FLO is a bold newcomer celebrating femininity and wanting to bring female empowerment to the next generation of songwriters and performers. FLO's style distinctly draws upon classic R&B and hip-hop, resembling acts like Destiny's Child and Doja Cat.

‘All three girls Jorja Douglas, Stella Quaresma, and Renée Downer described being shaped by the music they grew up listening to; Downer's mother would play Aaliyah and Ciara in the car, and Douglas' mother was into "old school R&B". Quaresma heard African music from her father, while her mother would play Amy Winehouse and Etta James.'

The group formed in 2019 and were signed to Island Records. They released their extended play, The Lead, in 2022. They topped the BBC's Sound of 2023 poll (the first girl group to pull it off), won the 2023 Brit Award for Rising Star and have already duetted with Missy Elliott.

FLO are part of the next generation of girl groups from the UK, that you probably will be seeing round the blog in the near future. Their playful attitude with soft effortless group harmonies on songs like Cardboard Box, attracts and entertains their loyal followers:

Praise has already been heaped upon them. This from The Guardian: 'They perform as if it were a reflex: their melt-in-the-mouth harmonies are seemingly effortless; their languid choreography never misses a beat'. They have been well schooled inside their major label environment as successors to Little Mix, and audio, visual and live production is always top notch, with plenty of R&B nostalgia triggers. The challenge for this promising UK trio, at least as perceived by the same journalist, will be to define a sense of individuality that's all theirs. But it's early days still, and with the great start FLO have made so far, and the ongoing support they can surely rely on moving forward, these girls have a whole lot going for them. Not least their exceptional singing talents, on display here on Losing You:

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