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Jack & Daisy - the light touch

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Jack & Daisy are an acoustic UK duo, based in Alicante on the Spanish coast. We asked them to introduce themselves…

Daisy: “I’ve been offered an unconditional place at Bath Spa University to study music, but I deferred my place to finish our album. Hopefully my offer is still there. I am inspired by artists like Bon Iver, Billie Eilish, Van Morrison. These artists have also influenced my song writing and my style of music. Like Jack, my biggest mentor is Jerry Meehan. I like recording and editing videos. I’m also a dancer, and I enjoy surfing and photography.”

Jack: “I completed a 2-year college course online in sound engineering and production while finishing my degree in architecture at the university of Valencia in Spain. My biggest inspiration musically is Damien Rice, but I would say that artists such as John Mayer, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon have massively influenced my music. When it comes to mentors, I have to say Jerry Meehan. He has helped both of us massively and we are very grateful. Music and production are my main hobbies, but I also enjoy swimming, snorkeling, cycling and anything that keeps me moving.”

Then we asked them to tell us about their musical careers and everyday lives…

“In the coming months we are planning on releasing our second single while the rest of our album is being mixed and mastered. We also plan on writing and recording demos for our second album, doing radio interviews and gigging along the East Coast. We would love to have our music heard. Our dream would be to be able to play to an audience that is there just to hear our music. No covers, no Wonderwall for pensioners, just us. What struggles have you had and are experiencing now, regarding your career? At the moment our biggest struggle has been finishing our album. Due to the pandemic, we have been unable to go to the studio, unable to meet with our producers, unable to gig and therefore unable to make a living. In February of 2020 we were on course to meet with record labels and prepared to release the album in April of 2020. As you can imagine we were so excited, but then the pandemic hit and we’ve been treading water ever since. At the moment our team includes Jerry Meehan - owner and producer at Wendy House Studios in London (he is currently the bass player for Robbie Williams and Bryan Ferry).Graham Garrett, producer and drummer (former member of Ya-Ya and Dumb Blondes), Allan James, owner of The But! Music group (over the years he’s represented Elton John, The Eurythmics , Bryan Adams, Van Halen). '

'On our album we were lucky enough to work with artists such as the Atlantic Horns, Paul Stacey, Max Beesley and Tim Baxter. We’ve been incredibly lucky in the fact that everyone we have encountered in the industry has been very supportive or our career and our music, but our families are by far our biggest supporters. Like everybody else our biggest setback has been the pandemic, but we are fortunate in the fact that we are healthy and maintain our drive. Up until December of 2020 on average we were playing 5 gigs a week, then a new law came into effect banning live music due to Covid.'

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