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Rachel White - Scottish powerhouse

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

In addition to her undeniable musical talents, Rachel White's greatest strengths are her drive and shining self-belief. Sure, she wants you to like her music and videos, but it's clear that this emerging singer/songwriter/producer knows where she's going and has the determination to get there, whatever happens. 'If I have to make it the hard way, it will be that bit sweeter when it all comes right', says this striking 25 year old from, 'a tiny Scottish town in the middle of nowhere'. Rachel has just released a cracking new pop song and video called 'Crush', which has all the quirky fun and hooky melody lines of a young Katy Perry. Check it out here:

Rachel explains, 'The end goal is to have people relate to my music, I would love to have my own tour or even support someone on tour. There is nothing quite like the feeling of being on stage and performing to people. The dream is to have people sing your lyrics back to you! Most people will have seen the pandemic as a struggle but if I’m being honest this is what launched me into music. I guess the general struggles of being an artist right now is not being able to gig or not having money to fund things like music videos, production and promotions etc. I actually studied in musical theatre at the MGA academy of performing arts for three years. I always had friends in London who were studying music but at the time I wanted to train in singing, dancing and acting and what better place to do that than in Scotland’s capital?  I am an independent artist so don’t have a manager- this is actually what I’m hoping to gain from releasing music and videos etc. However I have very supportive friends, and I am surrounded by creatives who are all willing to help out.'

'My biggest supporter, who I would say is almost my manager at the moment, is my best friend and flat mate Jack Douglas. He has helped me produce all my music videos to date, and helping with social posts etc. I am so incredibly grateful to him.  And I am so thankful that I have a family who want me to go after what I want, rather than a “realistic” job.  Before the pandemic hit I was a lead vocalist on board Aida Cruises in Dubai, so since then I haven’t been out to play any original music. I cannot wait to play live again, like I said there is nothing like the buzz you get when performing! When creating music with feel-good, relatable & heartbreak narration in mind, I take inspiration from artists with a similar style and meaning behind their lyrics such as Hailiee Steinfeld, Madonna, Shawn Mendes, The Spice Girls, Britney Spears and of course, the Scottish legend Lewis Capaldi! I’m also super inspired by one of my best friends who I’ve known since I was around 12, Bow Anderson. She inspires me everyday with her hard work and dedication to this industry.'

Savvy Ms White neatly combines bubbly with wise, but above all she performs with confidence, and sings a great pop vocal. 'In my life now as a busy city girl, I love sessions of writing some new music, hanging out and making some TikToks, the prep behind the social media side of things, and nights out or hanging out for coffee etc. I teach dancing at a primary school for the after school dance club and I now also work front of house at a sports gym. Trying to balance a work life as well as social life and finding time to write music can all be challenging when living in London. Other than singing, my hobbies lie within going to the gym, the cinema - having movie nights, or going for brunch! Also journaling, or out on a walk in Scotland - the scenery is stunning.'

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