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SNARL - DJ teen sensation

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

With last year's single ‘Ibiza’, SNARL served up production that the legendary party island would be proud of. Taking influence from dance behemoths such as Swedish House Mafia and Oliver Heldens, the single featured synth-heavy bass patterns and electronic piano melodies that build perfectlytowards the huge, banging drop. These would all be classic club elements from a stalwart of the EDM scene, but the fact that the track came from a 16-year-old makes it all the more impressive. Hailing from Essex, he is far-removed from the huge nightclubs you would expect him to be DJing at, but the power of the internet has worked well in his favour. Being a member of forums and chats has enabled him to communicate with lovers of dance music everywhere, and this shows in the versatility of his electronic production. For instance, his first offering as a producer was a grimey, deep dubstep remix of ‘Two Of Us’ by Alice Chater, gaining around 10k streams. Whereas more recently, he has been producing grime and garage beats for other artists to gain experiemce. Either way, his talent and flexibility at such a young age producing electronic music is exciting interest and has led to him signing with powerful agents WMA.

We asked SNARL to tell us about his ambitions. 'Ultimately, my dream it is to have a sustainable music career, writing, producing and performing. I love the opportunity to DJ regularly and in the iconic locations and venues, oh and to have some hit records! Covid has restricted live appearances and writing collaborations. It has also meant that I have had to rely on building any kind of following through social media, and the challenge of getting noticed amongst the millions of posts uploaded every day! I have played DJ sets locally for schools and was fortunate enough to be selected to play the Royal Festival Hall in London, that was an amazing experience in front of 2,000 people. My management are looking for an agent with the view of hopefully getting to play live later this year. I’m currently in year 1 of a 2 year Music studies course in college. It’s a great course, where we get to learn different styles of music and work in a band to record versions of classic songs. I have taken guitar and drum lessons previously and obviously I play keyboards so get I’m taking a lot in during the course to keep learning different styles. I have two managers, Colin Barlow and Seb Weller (out of the blue management), and for my Unisolate EP I had the pleasure of working with Alice, Emily, Ed, Owen, Shane and Huss from Spindle Music. I write and produce all my own music, unless I am remixing a track for another artist.'

'My biggest supporters have to be my family as a whole. They're the ones encouraging me to take all opportunities to learn as much as I can. My worst setback was when I swapped out to a new PC. I couldn't work on anything for almost a week and some of my soundscapes were temporarily lost so I didn't have the resources to make any music for a week or so. I've always been inspired by Skrillex, as he is the one who got me into heavier and darker electronic music. However, I've been shifting towards Marauda, who is an amazing breakout artist from Sydney, Australia. I’d love to collab with either or both!'

'I work part time in an after school club (2 afternoons per week) which is owned by my mum and her friend. I love gaming and get a lot of inspiration for music from the soundtracks; they really are amazing works of art. Both my parents love to go running, and I sometimes (more rarely now) join them!

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