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What's going on in the UK Music Industry?

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Today it's not enough to be talented. You have to learn the social media game as well.

Find a way to deal with the over saturation of competing music acts and products.

Today's consumers have the entire history of music tracks at their fingertips.

So how can you maintain belief in your own cherished dreams?

Have you fully embraced the TikTok phenomenon?

It's become an important part of contemporary music delivery on a mass, global scale.

For the first time in history, music is available everywhere, at any moment, 24/7.

Welcome to the era that is being called 'The New Normal'.

But how will these changes affect musicians' mental health?

And who's fighting for creators and artists' rights in the UK?

Why are so many UK musicians considering leaving this multi-billion dollar industry?

Will YouTube and Spotify streaming rates ever improve?

Do short cuts like talent shows work for artists?

So where are we going now?

First UP + COMING Trailer

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