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You’d have to be crazy…

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Seems like these days you’d have to be crazy to try and get your music out there. You see the phrase ‘The Music Industry Is Broken’ just about everywhere. Carl Hitchborn of the High Time label group (Coasts, The Hunna) accuses lawyers of making the music business almost impossible and Spotify say that 100,000 tracks are uploaded every day (every day? Is that even humanly possible?!). While 6,000 YouTube views will earn an artist a Starbucks coffee, AI generated music is hitting the club charts and 64% of musicians in a recent poll said they were planning to leave the UK music industry altogether.

And yet it can still be done, somehow. Our recent flow of blog posts have focused on exceptional success stories, and if you haven’t read them, here’s the place to start.

Check out soulful girl group FLO, who won the BBC's Sound of 2023 poll and already have a 2023 Brit Award for Rising Star:

Then there’s Wet Leg, who have succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations including their own, having failed to achieve their original and fondly held ambitions:

Don’t miss the crazy rags to riches story of Lil Nas X via ‘Old Town Road’:

Lil Nas X’s rise to fame was extremely rapid, whereas Mike Scott had to wait seven long years for the complete commercial and artistic vindication of his masterpiece:

With Post Malone, the sheer hard work and commitment is there for all to see:

Harry Styles doesn’t take himself too seriously, but the music industry certainly does:

Here at, as well as this blog TuneRodeo (thanks for reading, btw!), we’re also working on televisual documentaries about up and coming artists and the many complexities and challenges they face in the current music market,

If you're interested, we have assembled an inspiring Survival Kit, full of great tips to help you through the process. You’d have to be crazy to try your luck in the music industry, but you probably feel crazy enough to go for it, right?

Just go here:

and sign in. By return email, you will receive a link to download your own free copy of the survival kit.

And as always, good luck with your own projects!

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